ABC Tax Service, The Business

As far as I know this is how the business was originally started:  Barbara Cooper started Cooper Tax Service many years ago.  I have been told she prepared tax returns out of her home.

Bill Christianson bought Cooper Tax Service in 1986 and changed the name to ABC Tax Service.  Bill grew ABC Tax Service and started a side business of helping people with tax problems and filing old tax returns.

I, Sherry Daugherty, started working for Bill in the summer of 1992 as a receptionist.  I very quickly went from being a receptionist to assisting Bill with everything he needed done.  This included tax returns, filling out IRS and Minnesota forms for our clients who needed payment agreements, offer in compromises, etc., to doing payroll for the office, payroll forms for customers, accounts receivable, accounts payable, etc.,.  I eventually took over running the tax preparation portion of the business during the tax season. In 1998 Bill decided to retire and sold the ABC Tax Service portion of his business to me.

I have learned quite a lot about running a business, having employees and especially making customers happy.  I think the most challenging part of this business is having the office run smoothly.  The smoother the office runs the happier the customers are with our service.

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Sherry Daugherty


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Sherry M. Daugherty, Tax Practitioner and Owner

I have been with ABC Tax Service since 1992, I started out as an employee and in 1998 I bought the office from my boss when he retired.  I have been running the business with my husband since. .

I have a Bachelor’s degree in accounting from Kaplan University.  While attending school for my degree my husband and I decided to focus on tax preparation and helping people with their tax needs. While there is no degree required for tax preparation in the state of Minnesota I am always taking classes offered to keep up on my knowledge for tax return preparation.

My husband and I are both from the East Side of St. Paul, we both attended Johnson, although we both ended up at other schools for a period of time.  We married in March 1996, we have five children, Bradley is the oldest, he died in 2010, then we have Julie, Rebekah, Andrew and Nicholas.

Robert W. Daugherty, Tax Practitioner and Owner

I have been with ABC Tax Service since January 1999, working with my wife preparing income tax returns for individuals just like you.

I have a Bachelor’s degree in accounting from Kaplan University.  I take continuing education classes every year in order to keep current on all of the new tax changes that are happening all the time.

12711141_1214232658606703_7361823479026371059_oShirley R. Beimert, Office Manager

I have been working seasonally as the office manager with ABC Tax Service for over 10 years.  I work at keeping the overall office running as smooth as possible, which is sometimes very challenging to do when it can be pretty busy.

Sherry is my sister and as you probably figured out already, I also grew up on the East Side of St. Paul.  I am married with three children and five grandchildren. I run my own transcription services business, which is called Morgan Services.



JoyceJoyce Diedrich, Tax Practitioner

I have been with working seasonally with ABC Tax Service since January 2002.  I prepare a variety of income tax returns for our clients.  I am also a full time real estate professional with the MLS Online and have been in the real estate business for over 20 years..

Ibsen Gabriel, Tax Practitioner and Destina Gabriel, Receptionist


Ibsen has been with ABC Tax Service Since January 2005 as one of our tax preparers.  Destina has worked on and off t past few years helping out when needed.  As of 2018, Destina is one of our receptionist during the weekdays.