Have a kid?


If you pay for daycare expenses, use the Child and Dependent Care Expenses worksheet. The information on this form is what we need to prepare a tax return that includes daycare expenses paid out.  If you have a statement from your daycare provider, bring that with to your tax appointment, we will need to make a copy of the form.




Did you have expenses for your child in grades K-12? Use this K-12 Education Checklist from the Minnesota Revenue to see what you may qualify for. Check under the tab of Qualify Expenses. Some expenses the state allows for taxpayers to deduct include, computer expenses, required school materials, tutoring, purchase or lease of music instruments, fees paid to others for transportation as well as other expenses.  Check their website to see what you may be able to use.




If you have a child in college, you may qualify for an education credit on your tax return. You will need to bring the Form 1098-T form the college as well as a transcript of the costs included on the 1098-T from the college. You may also have paid for required class fees, such as lab fees, supplies needed for a class, etc., bring those receipts as well.