Organizer Worksheets

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Following are some organizers and checklists that may help you with getting ready for your appointment.

For those who want a Simple Organizer Checklist, you can use this checklist to help you determine what you may need for this years tax return appointment.

Looking to itemize?

If you want to look into being able to itemize, you can use the worksheet for Itemized Deductions (Schedule A) – mortgage interest, property taxes, car tabs, charities, etc., This worksheets shows the various items you can use on the tax return and MAY help you to itemize.

Have a small business?

If you have a small business and need an organizer, check out the Small business organizer (Schedule C). The information asked for on this worksheet includes the information we will need to file the tax forms for a small business.

I created a  Business Monthly Income and Expense Spreadsheet .This is a worksheet you can either print out or use type in the amounts on the worksheet.  You will need to add the numbers yourself, but I hope it helps you gather your information for your tax return appointment.

 Own a rental property?

For those who have a rental property, use our Rental Property Organizer (Schedule E). This worksheet includes the various information we need for the tax return.  You may also need the assets used in a business worksheet for any assets you purchase for use in the rental property.

Use your car or home for business?

If you have a business and use your Vehicle or your Home for your business, try the Business use of Auto or Home Organizer. For the vehicle, we need the mileage whether you use the mileage rate or the actual expenses. If you are using the business in home, you must have a Clearly Defined Area for your business use area.

Did you buy equipment or other assets for your business or rental property?

If you have a business and you have purchased assets, we will need information relating to the purchase of the assets purchased, use the Assets used in a business worksheet to help make sure you have all the information needed when it is time to file your tax return.

Did you do any Energy Efficient Improvements to your home?

If you put in some energy efficient improvements to your home such as, an energy efficient furnace or water heater, etc. Use the Energy efficient improvements Worksheet to help with determining what you need.  When you come in, bring the documentation supporting the improvements in case we need information from the documents.